Some Details About Our Charitable Contribution
and Discount Programs is not affiliated in any manner with the charitable organizations listed as being supported by us, and we receive no services in connection with these charitable contributions. We will not provide names or other personal information concerning our customers to any of these organizations. Within thirty days after the end of each calendar quarter, Main Street Books will distribute ten percent of total online sales, divided evenly, to the charities listed on our website. In the event that a quarter’s total amount to be distributed is less than five hundred dollars, that amount will be carried forward to the following quarter.

We reserve the right at any time to discontinue this program of charitable donations, and we also reserve the right to make any changes to its administration or implementation as required or deemed advisable to conform to all applicable laws or to reflect generally accepted best business and accounting practices, or for any other lawful reason, including tax considerations. We also reserve the right to make any additions to or deletions from the choices of recipients of the charitable fund’s contributions, without prior notification, and we will update the list of selected organizations on our website should any such changes occur. Should the program be discontinued in its entirety, all remaining funds accumulated in the charitable fund will be distributed to the organizations then listed on our website.

Our discount policy is subject to change without prior notice. Please note that it may exclude certain books such as textbooks, foreign books, and other items.

Any of our promotions, competitions, contests, etc., are void where prohibited by law.

Other policies are detailed in the commerce section of our website.