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Many excellent ideas are surprisingly simple. This is our simple idea at 10% to charity and 10% discounts on almost all our products. By shopping here, you sustain exceptionally worthy organizations focused on health, human dignity, and the environment, while receiving discounts and benefiting a small independent bookstore. It’s a very nice proposition, we think, especially since our experience in selling books has taught us that avid readers tend to be socially aware. enables its customers to support valuable goals while shopping on the Internet.

Other businesses occasionally do this type of thing as a short-term sales promotion, and we applaud their efforts. What makes us exceptional is that this is a core principle for us: our 10% of sales contribution program covers everything we sell online, all the time, no exceptions. So it’s a serious effort at philanthropy, and there’s no ambiguity about what we’re doing and what you’re supporting by buying from us.

We support the following organizations, all of which are national or international in scope or importance and carry the highest (4 star) rating by Charity Navigator:

Natural Resources Defense Council
The Conservation Fund
International Rescue Committee
Doctors Without Borders
Oxfam America
Dana-Farber Cancer Institute
Juvenile Diabetes Research Foundation International
Best Buddies International
Aaron Diamond AIDS Research Center
Reach Out and Read

We also support, through this program, the following organizations focused on local Cape Cod issues:

The Association to Preserve Cape Cod
AIDS Support Group of Cape Cod

Please spread the word about our “10%+10%” idea, and get free shipping for your efforts and ingenuity. Write us at with your ideas, observations, and suggestions. We believe that, with your help, our little “online revolution” will take root and grow into a significant philanthropic venture.

Thank you.

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The GreaterGood Network is not affiliated in any manner with the organizations listed on our website, and we will not provide them with any of our customers’ personal or contact information. For further information, click on the names of any of these groups to learn more about their valuable missions or to get involved with their activities. Our Details page provides specific information about our charitable donation and discount programs.